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THE LONG WAIT IS OVER!  WE ARE SET TO SAIL AT JORDAN WHARF-PAROLA WHARF and Guimaras-Pulupandan! All steel hulled and FRP vessels serving Iloilo-Guimaras, Guimaras-Pulupandan and Iloilo-Jordan, Guimaras, fully compliant with maritime laws including the use of radar & navigational lights for a safe travel
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Iloilo-Guimaras Ferry Service, Pulupandan-Guimaras vice versa

NaVimar Destinations

Travel Iloilo to Guimaras with peace of mind. ​


Our vessel is manned by competent and licensed mariners to bring you to the Island of the Sweetest Mango in the World safely and comfortably.  Many tourist hop between Iloilo-Buenavista and Iloilo-Jordan in Guimaras island during their visits. Traveling by NaviMar Shipping Ferry is the best option to visit the island in the summer because of the frequent itineraries. Note that the more popular the island, the more the itineraries and the connections and Navimar Shipping is your partner on your tours and trips to and from Iloilo to Jordan, Guimaras and Iloilo-Buenavista, Guimaras  vice versa.

Travel Sibunag, Guimaras to Pulupandan, Negros Occ.

Revive the economy and tourism between these two island in Region 6 by hauling your cargo aboard our vessel MV Kan ugong 1, an FRP hulled Trimaran that can carry 12 motorcycles, various cargos and passengers. MV Kan ugong 1 is equipped with modern navigational aids for a smooth and worry free voyage.

NaviMar Fleet



Bigger, Safer and more Comfortable. Our vessel Navis-1 is a two-hulled ship also known as a "Catamaran".  Catamarans have a larger width compared to classical types of ships and therefore they are more stable on the water. They can also reach a greater speed because they do not get much drag. NaviMar supports the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) in its move to modernize the domestic shipping industry by introducing safer steel hulled ships to replace the wooden hulled motor bancas. 






MV Kan ugong 1 is a modern frp hulled Trimaran with a registered passenger capacity of 140 seats. It is allowed to carry 12 motorcycles per trip as well as cargos onboard.

It is equipped with modern navigational aids for a smooth and worry free voyage.

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